Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Media to discuss next Wednesday

Next Wednesday we're having May Green Drinks at Bitters.  Recently, I've encountered some compelling media we might want to discuss.  Even if we don't, I highly recommend both.

The radio show/podcast This American Life recently aired an episode devoted to climate change, "Hot In My Backyard."  In general, I'd always recommend This American Life, but this episode is particularly compelling.

Last night MUN's Cineam Politica screened the documentary, "The Pipe," and I'm happy to say I was there.  The film tells the story of an Irish fishing community's resistance to Shell's installation of a gas pipeline through the middle of their community.  Despite the bleak subject matter, I was taken by what a fine film it was, filled with beautiful cinematography and compelling scenes.  And the final outcome isn't a complete downer.  Don't miss an opportunity to see this film.

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