Thursday, 22 August 2013

Why we meet . . . in a week.

When Green Drinks first started, I was so thrilled by all the on-line support it got--over 50 facebook likes among others.  Yet we've never had 50 people at Green Drinks.  I certainly understand we live in a busy world with multiple things competing for our attention.  But the reason we meet in person instead of just chatting on-line (and we know the Green Drinks sites are burning with hot discussions) is because there is something inherently natural about sitting across from someone and engaging them.

The great Noam Chomsky explains it here:

Eh, that wasn't the greatest interview, but it makes the point!  (He's made it better elsewhere, but I couldn't find it.)

Next Wednesday, see you at Bitters!

(And that's more than 140 characters, Professor Chomsky!)

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