Thursday, 27 February 2014

We're trying a bi-monthly schedule starting in March.

Many have asked to increase the frequency of Green Drinks, so for 2014, we're going to go to a bi-monthly schedule starting on March 26th.  Why March and not April?  Because certain even-numbered months have built-in conflicts, namely December, October, and a lackluster experience in August

My only concern about this new schedule is that the supply of Green Drinks meet-ups will be prove greater than the demand for them and attendance will suck.  So if you've asked for more Green Drinks, be there and bring friends.  And if you'd intended to come in February but didn't because a big snowstorm hit right when Green Drinks was starting, come in March.  (We did have a good turnout and a good time, by the way.  I just noticed that several who said they were coming didn't.)

That is all.

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