Saturday, 31 January 2015

Attention: Green Drinkers Regular Monthly Meetings

Happy Saturday January 31st Green Drinkers St. Johns NL

A Big Environmental Thank you to all who joined us at The Guvnor this past Wednesday for Green Drinks as again we reached 30 people. The Green Drinks Group is continuously growing in numbers and the past couple of months have been exciting as people have been asking about making our Green Drinks a regular monthly event so we thought we would give it a shot! ( After all, Corner Brooks Green Drinks is Bi-weekly)

So here it is, who would be interested in attending Green Drinks on a monthly basis? This would be an amazing opportunity to stay up to date on what is happening around the communities, stay focused on our goals and petitions plus seeing each other and be able to continue meeting new people every month. I believe our group deserve to be heard monthly and I would like to hear from you..

Green Drinks last Wednesday of every month. the next Green Drinks will be held Wednesday February 25th 7-9pm @ Bitters MUN Campus.

Have a great weekend Green Drinkers

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