Monday, 4 May 2015

What's new at Green Drinks: May Updates

Last week we had great energy at our regular event. Some of the discussion highlights included:

 1.The bizarre flurry of media attention with the Andy Wells letter against electric vehicles (mid April). And the other one calling climate change a farce....(See the follow up here, which included an American professor Michael Mann jumping in to correct non-factual statements).

2. Tesla Powerwall. This is a new battery system that is going to change how the world consumes power. We are watching this all unfold with great interest.

For the upcoming Green Drinks on May 27th, we will be on at Bitters as usual. Originally, we were going to be invited to have Green Drinks at Green Rock EVS, but this has been postponed until June. The reason is that Green Rock EVS needs to go accept their award for EV Dealership Inspiration. Congrats to them!

See you all May 27 at Bitters for another engaging evening for the environment.

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