Thursday, 28 June 2012

Vote in our polls

Last night was our most successful Green Drinks since the first (which makes me think I should threaten to close it down every month).

As promised, we're going to re-evaluate our current configuration.  Apropos of that, please vote in the polls below to help us get a sense of what works best for you. (If you're not reading this through the blog, please go to it.)

Free Website Poll  
For the first survey, if your choice is one of the "elsewhere" choices, please specify a location in the comments.  Whether we stay or not, I do appreciate Bridie Molloy's hosting us. 

For the next poll, I've put all possible time slots in the interest of thoroughness, though some seem extremely unlikely.

Free Website Survey
Free Online Surveys
Personally, I have no stake these choices; I'm fine with whatever suits the group best.  After a week, we'll evaluate your responses and see where we stand.

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