Friday, 6 July 2012

Another Poll & A Facebook Group

After a week of voting, the results from the polls are in, and fortunately, a majority has spoken in each of them.  Regarding the timing of the meetings, people have shown that existing schedule is fine--last Wednesday of the month, so we'll stick to that.

However, a majority has also indicated that they'd like to be elsewhere in downtown off George Street.  So thanks to Bridie Molloy's; I do appreciate their helping us get started.  But it looks like we'll be going elsewhere.  So now we have to assess where.  The poll below includes some suggestions I've gotten.  Please vote it in and feel free to add suggestions under "Other."

Free Online Polls

Also someone suggested our using a facebook group rather than a page, which is what we've used thus far.  Apparently, the group allows more functionality.  So Greg Baggs nicely agreed to make it.  (Thanks, Greg.)  It is HERE.  Please join it.  Gradually, we'll make that our main facebook presence.

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