Monday, 20 January 2014

Meeting next month but with some wrinkles. Please read.

There are a couple of slight changes to our format for our February meet-up.

First, we're meeting on February 19th, which is not the last Wednesday of the month but the penultimate one.  Sorry about the change, but I've got to go out of town the next week.

Second, we might not be meeting at Bitters, though we'll plan to for the time being.  Apparently, Bitters' pipes burst during our recent snow-pocalypse.  I have it on good authority that it's supposed to be open soon.  But if it's not open by the 12th, we'll meet at Bridie Molloy's on George Street, our original meeting place.  I'll update this blog and the facebook event accordingly.

Despite these complications, we'll be celebrating our second anniversary.  Woo-hoo!  Thanks to all of you for your interest and participation!  And happy new year!

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