Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tomorrow night, Charles is back!

Previously on GreenStJohns.blogspot:  I designated Charles the Charonosaurus our mascot, to preside over our table, and let everyone know we're Green Drinks.  And you can see him here in a group photo for last February's meet-up. </end flashback>

But then I did a terrible thing; I left Charles at home for the May Green Drinks.  A MUN professor asked, "Where's the dinosaur?"  I tried to explain, but she hasn't been back to Green Drinks since.  Then I did another terrible thing; I left Charles at home for the August Green Drinks.  And two new Green Drinkers had a hard time finding our table, one of whom had traveled all the way from Attu, Alaska just to come to Green Drinks.  I felt awful.

Well, I'm here to testify that those dark days are behind me.  As you can see, Charles' new sign is made of glitter, so it will not be missed.  And it's held to him with duct tape, so it will not be dropped.  And Charles will be at Green Drinks tomorrow night, proudly . . . doing whatever plastic dinosaurs do in pubs.

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