Saturday, 31 May 2014

Car Sharing, Field Trips, and Rick Rolling

With each Green Drinks, I feel more and more like we're really arriving at a critical mass of engaged members, and last Wednesday was no exception.  We had a great discussion that went on until 10 pm, and there was the feeling it could have gone longer.  Here are some highlights:

Did you know that several local people are trying to start a car-sharing co-op? It's true--CarShare NL.  We were visited by team members, Sharon and Scott.  I've long thought St. John's is a perfect fit for a car-sharing program.  So do like their facebook page to engage and learn more.

And we've got two solid plans for field trips:

This Wednesday (June 4th) at 2:30 pm we're going on a tour of Robin Hood Bay recycling facility.  Contact Corinna to go.  Click here and scroll down to see her post.

On July 19th at 8 am we're going to the Tree of Life, an intentional community in St. Mary's.  (Pending the Tree of Life's approval.  They had provided me a list of available dates, including the 19th, but they have yet to confirm our choice.)  Some of us will spend the night; some will return before night fall.  You must RSVP if you intend to come; overnight visitors are limited to 10.  And everyone must review their handbook.  One key point--no drinking or drugs there (including black tar heroine). 

As great as last Wednesday was, it wasn't perfect.  For the second consecutive time, an unscheduled pub quiz occurred, providing a less-than-ideal environment for our otherwise scintillating conversation.  Perhaps the low point was when the quiz started playing music videos, including Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up."  That's right--we got Rick Rolled!  (I do believe that's a historic first for a Green Drinks chapter anywhere.)  What's Rick Rolling, you ask?  Enjoy the following Star Wars clip for a sense of it.

As much as I've loved Bitters as our home base, I'm unhappy with the impromptu nature of these conflicts.  I'm going to contact the manager to get his assistance on this matter.

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