Thursday, 22 May 2014

You like this, don't you?

Just a friendly reminder--Green Drinks is next Wednesday at 7 pm at Bitters!  We're going to talk about going to the Tree of Life and touring the recycling centre, among other things.

Stryper, thumbs up for Green Drinks . . . and the environment!
Now about this title.  Every time I make one of these posts, facebook will show me how many people look at it.  Usually it's a dozen or so.  But recall that two weeks ago, I wrote a post that included an image of Spinal Tap.  To my great surprise, I found that over night more than a hundred people had viewed that post (see below).  There aren't even a hundred people liking Green Drinks!  That tells me something--Green Drinks loves silly metal bands.  Well, who am I to deny you?  (And you're welcome.)  Next time, it's Hedwig and the Angry Inch!
A tale of two posts:  Maybe if the Fracking Awareness Network (top) donned the spandex, they'd get Spinal-Tap numbers.
And now a video that begs the question, "Why aren't we doing this here?"

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