Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Springing to life

Did I say we shouldn't have to deal with snow in May?  Ah, er, well, we shouldn't.  But no one asked me.  Hopefully we won't though, as we meet for Green Drinks on May 28th, 7 pm, at Bitters.

But with winter in retreat, Green Drinks has a number activities on the docket for these warm(er) months.  I've been in touch with the good people at the Tree of Life about our taking a field trip there.  The Tree of Life is an intentional, sustainable community near St. Mary's.  Also, we're going to try to tour the Robin Hood Bay recycling facility.  There will be a Sustainable Canada Dialogue visioning workshop in St. John's in the fall, hosted by our own award-winning sociologist, Mark Stoddart. I'm looking forward to all of these.  They should be great opportunities to engage the community.

Now, let's talk about Harry Shearer.  Whether you know it or not, you probably know of him.  Either through his playing this guy:
Harry Shearer (left), playing the bassist of "Spinal Tap" (and inspiring future sociologists)
or voicing this guy:

But for years, I've been listening to his radio show/podcast "le Show," which is an eponymous mix of news, music and satire.  Several of the show's segments, like "What the Frack?" and "News of the Warm," track the quotidian, often-missed environmental news.  So do check it out.

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